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Return Policies

General Policy

These are Atman Computer Inc. Standard Return Policies
applicable only to products purchased by you directly from the Atman Computer.


  • All product exchange requires a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.  You may obtain an RMA number by contacting Customer Service through any of the methods provided at
  • Products that are not eligible for exchange and will be sent back to you at your cost and expense if received by us:
  1. Any product not purchased from
  2. Any product without a valid, readable serial number, including but not limited to products with missing, damaged, altered, or otherwise unreadable serial number
  3. Any product that is exchanged without all original packaging and accessories, including the retail box, manuals, cables, and all other items originally included with the product
  4. Any product from which the UPC code has been removed from its packaging
  5. Any product that exhibits physical damage
  6. Any product for which you have submitted a mail-in rebate


Mail-In Rebate Policy

Anyproduct offering a mail-in rebate is not returnable to Atman once the rebate has been filed. Be sure that the product is functional and that you intend to keep the product before sending in for your rebate. Products missing UPC codes or serial numbers from the box are NOT returnable. Only the product manufacturer can replace a defective item missing the UPC code.

Combo, Bundle and Kit Specials

Combo, Bundle, and Kit Specials include two or more items that must be purchased together in order to receive a discount.

Items sold as part of a Combo, Bundle or Kit may be returned individually for replacement within the applicable Atman Return Policy Period for that individual item.

If an individual Combo, Bundle or Kit item is returned for a refund amount will be deducted from the amount of the refund. If your combo/bundle/kit discount amount is greater than the individual unit price of the item you wish to return then the item cannot be returned for a refund; you will need to return all items in the combo/bundle/kit in order to receive a refund.

- For example: if your combo/bundle/kit discount was $5, and you return one of the items for a refund,
the $5 will be deducted from your RMA refund amount.

ManufacturerPromotional Items and Atman Gifts
Manufacturers may offer free promotional items with their products. For example, a video card may come with a free game or a Blu-ray player may come with a free Blu-ay disc. To receive a full refund on a purchase that offers
promotional items all items must be returned. The cost of any promotional items not returned will be deducted from the refund total.

Atman may also offer gifts to valued customers for their continued support as well as for special giveaways. These gifts are not part of any purchase value and therefore do not have to be returned.


Out-of-Stock (Back-Order) Items

If Atman no longer carries an item that is sent in or replacement, or if that item is simply out of stock, the item will be sent to our Back-Order RMA Department. You will be notified via email of two options:

1) Atman can send you a comparable replacement item, or

2) Atman can issue you a refund at the current market value of the product. A current-market-value refund may not exceed the original invoice price. If the item is returned within 7 days of the original invoice date, a full refund will be issued.


Quantity Purchases

While Atman is more than happy to fill your order for a quantity of ten (10) or more of any given item in our inventory on a single purchase order, please understand that an order of that size, once purchase is completed, is
automatically non-refundable. All other specific conditions related to the ordered item still apply, including any and all stipulations relative to any available replacement return policies. Please contact Customer Service with any
questions you may have.



Standard Return Policy

  • All sales are final no return
  • Return for refund within: non-refundable
  • Return for replacement within: 7 days

Products that state "This item is covered by Atman tandard Return Policy", or items labeled as “Non-refundable” (or similar labeling) must be returned to Atman within 7 days of the invoice date for this policy to apply. Products covered by this return policy may only be returned for a replacement of the same or equivalent item, if the original is no longer available. “Return” constitutes receipt of the product by Atman, and not the mere issuance of an RMA.


Final Sales Return Policy

  • No Refunds
  • No Exchanges
  • No Replacements
  • No Returns

This is our Final Sales Return Policy. This policy controls over any conflicting refund and replacement terms described in our Policy & Agreement and Return Policy. pleasecontact the manufacturer for any concerns.


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